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How can I change the reorder information for all my seasonal items at once?

Mark the items as seasonal by using a common category code extension that represents a season. Example: Tops-W where -W means Fall/Winter products (and -S means Spring/Summer). Or enter a W in the Bin field (assuming you don't use that field for bin location).

Now set the restocking levels using Manager | Inventory Wizard | Task 160. Use the filter option to list items by the seasonal method you chose above, then set the restock levels (not reorder point) to zero during the off season. Raise them again when the season changes.

Take advantage of the Formula button and/or the right-click option to Copy to All Rows to apply mass changes to all entries.

Also note the option to export and import a file. This means you could set the restocking information for seasonal items then export them to a file. Those setting could then be set to zero and reloaded later by importing the original settings. (This will only work for item codes that are recurring from one year to the next and the ILC remains the same.)
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