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V.I.P. Zone fails to install with package out of sync error or invalid network drive

If MSI package error select Option A or B.

Option A: MSI tool:

Select Uninstall option, DRS VIP Zone, and follow the instructions for removal. If the tool hangs, wait a few minutes before canceling, then restart the PC and try the V.I.P. Zone install again.

Option B: Install MS Windows Installer Clean-up tool (attached below). You will need to download the file, then right-click and select Run as Admin to install it. Afterwards select Start menu, Windows Install Cleanup (or search for it), and select DRS V.I.P. Zone. Once removed install the current version of V.I.P. Zone You can then remove the clean-up tool through Control Panel.
Although originally written for XP this tool works with all versions of Windows. 

If network drive error it means an older 2.0 version of V.I.P. Zone was installed with shared paths configured in Store Operations Administrator and the 2.0 version was not removed before installing 3.x. Try Option B above.

Option C: Search the registry for "DRSVIPZone" (without the quotes), remove all entries, restart PC, then try installing V.I.P Zone again.


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