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V.I.P. Zone installer fails due to corrupted installation of prior version (path not found or other error)

The following steps will resolve issues where a prior version of V.I.P. Zone cannot be removed or a path no longer exists from a prior installation. 

Step 1: Remove corrupted installation using an installer cleanup tool from Microsoft.

XP users: Unzip the attached Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Run the EXE, then select Start, All Programs, Windows Installer Cleanup, select V.I.P. Zone and remove it. 

Windows 7/8 users: Visit
Follow instructions to install cleanup utility, select V.I.P. Zone and remove it.

Updated link but Fixit appears to just hang:

Need a tool that just blasts the darn VZ install.

Step 2: Run the current V.I.P. Zone installer. Make sure to unzip the installer before running. If Windows 7/8, right-click on installer and select Run as Administrator.



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