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USB PIN pad has stopped working after PC restart (Windows 7)

  1. Close POS.
  2. Start, All Programs, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Configure OPOS Objects.
  3. Locate PIN pad entry and select Configure.
  4. Note COM port assigment (ex, COM5:).
  5. Close Configure OPOS Objects.
  6. Right-click on My Computer, select Properties, Device Manager.
  7. Locate COM ports section.
  8. Double-click on PIN pad entry (normally Qxxxx or Vxxxx entry).
  9. Select Advanced button and change port assignment to match entry from Step 4, then OK to save changes.
  10. Start POS and PIN pad shoud now initialize as normal.

To avoid this issue in the future we suggest you replace USB PIN pads with serial cabled PIN pads which cannot hop ports during a reboot. This assumes your PC has an available serial port to use.



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