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When I attempt to open a SmartPOP template in Label Designer I receive "Runtime error 380, Invalid property value".

This indicates the required TrueType font is not installed on your system.

SmartPOP are sign templates for RMS derived from the Smart Sign System for MS Publisher. That product has been discontinued.

SmartPOP relies on TrueType fonts installed with any version of MS Publisher 97 or above, MS Office 97 or above, MS Word 97 with Value Pack or above, MS Works 2002, Office SBE, or the TrueType Font Pack from Microsoft. These MS products are available from most office supply or computer stores.

If you have installed the required fonts and continue to receive this error, it means the default printer driver assigned in Windows does not support TrueType fonts. Add another printer driver (even if the printer does not exist) and assign that driver as your default Windows printer.

To verify TrueType fonts are accessible on your PC, open MS Word and select Format, Fonts. Look for fonts like Arial and Eurostile. If Eurostile is missing you will not be able to access the Sale C templates unless you install the missing fonts in Windows.

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