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How can I setup a pole display or second monitor as a customer facing "pole display"?

There are three options to display line-item description and price as items are rung into POS. Some states require this function which is often referred to as pole display or customer display.

Option A: Set HTML status window to Lineitem.htm in Store Operations Administrator then enable status window in POS (Ctrl-F6). This displays a large frame at top of POS screen to display each item and price during a sale -- emulating a pole display. This option assumes your POS monitor is visible to customers at the cash counter (L or U shaped counter).

Option B: Install a pole display device on the PC, configure OPOS object for RMS, define pole display message(s) in Store Operations Manager, then enable pole display device under register properties. Contact a DRS Help Desk operator for assistance.

Option C: Connect a second monitor to the PC, extend the Window Desktop, define a Net Display Channel in Manager, enable Net Display for POS, then drag the Net Display window to the second monitor. This can be a small 7-10" USB monitor if desired. See setup instructions below.

Option C --

Prep: Install second monitor via video card or display port (USB) connection and verify Windows recognizes the PC is operating in multi-monitor mode (extended desktop mode).

Configure pole display only --

Run Store Operations Manager, Database, Registers, select register, Properties, Net Display tab, enable checkbox (do not select a channel), OK to save changes.

Run Store Operations POS, proceed to transaction screen, press Ctrl-F6 Screen, select Net Display tab, enable Show Net Display, enable Show receipt, Top, set to 100%, click Window button, enable Show resizable border, OK, OK.

Drag the net display screen to your second monitor and maximum the window. Press Ctrl-F6, select Net Display tab, Window button, and disable Show resizable border.*

TIP: If your net display is hidden behind the main POS screen, temporarily enable Show resizable border for the main screen (Ctrl-F6, Transaction Screen tab, Window button), then disable this function once screens are configured the way you want them to appear.*

Close POS to save changes and go back in.

Configure pole display with net display channel --

A portion of your net display can include rotating web page links or local pictures on your hard drive.

First you'll need to define a channel under Store Operations, Manager, Database, Registers, Net Display Channels. Click New then Help button to read the general instructions then create a channel. Your channel might rotate through web page URLs or images on your hard drive.

If you decide to use local images, make sure format is C:/xx/xx such as C:/users/myusername/pictures/picture123.jpg

If you decide to use URLs, make sure the pages do not contained advance scripting, java, etc. as net display only support simple HTML content.

Use the Preview button to confirm links and images work correctly before saving your channel.

Run Store Operation POS, proceeed to transaction screen, press Ctrl-F6, select Net Display tab, enable Show Net Display, enable Show receipt, decide if you want to display the extra content on top, bottom, left, or right, and set a screen portion such as 50%.

Close POS to save changes and go back in. 

TIP: Images should be sized to fit within the portion of the screen assigned based on monitor resolution. For example, a 1024x768 monitor with 50% assigned for the net display portion at top or bottom will accept images 1000 wide x330 high or smaller. Otherwise scroll bars will appear. If left/right portion is configured, images should be no larger than 500 wide x 750 high.

*WARNING: 'Show resizable border' enabled is NOT RECOMMENDED as a permanent setting. Use it for setup purposes only. If left enabled a cashier may minimize a window and close POS which saves that setting. The POS screen and net display won't appear the next time you run POS and you'll need to follow the steps in this article to resolve the issue.  

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