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TenderView displays blank screen or script error after RMS FP2 (2.0.100x) upgrade or DRS 3.0 upgrade.

A change in RMS 2.0.1000 flips the style type for Custom POS buttons.
To resolve this issue follow these steps.

  1. Close POS.
  2. Run Store Operations Manager, select Database, Registers, Custom POS Buttons.
  3. Locate Tender View, select Properties.
  4. Change Style from HTML Window to Internal HTML Window (or vice versa - see below) and save change.
  5. Now launch POS. 
  6. If you have multple POS stations, close POS on those stations and go back in.

IMPORTANT: DRS v3.0 add-in installers will configure TenderView for RMS 2.0.100x or higher by default (Internal HTML Window). If you are running RMS 2.0.0166 or lower, Style needs to be set to HTML Window instead.

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