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POS taskpad: Run time error 340 Control array element does not exist

This error indicates an internal key is missing or mismatched. This can occur over time if custom POS buttons were added and deleted before the taskpad feature was added in the FP2 release.

  1. First try a database reindex using Store Operations Administrator, File, Connect, enter SQL password, Database, Reindex.
  2. If that does not resolve the issue run Manager, Database, Registers, Custom POS Buttons.
  3. Make a screen print of the original list then delete each entry and create all new buttons.
    TIP: You can quickly add DRS add-in buttons by selecting Start, All Programs, Digital Retail Solutions, Add Buttons to POS. If you are running an add-in suite such as RMS Toolkit or the Bicycle Bundle, you will also need to select a similar entry under V.I.P. Zone and Service Manager menus.
  4. Next define those new buttons for the POS taskpad you want to use. You may also want to delete the original taskpad and create a new one as the original will have invalid IDs for all buttons. 
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