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Can I search by more than one description to locate items? For example, I want to find all 17" Hardrock.

You can locate items by multiple search strings by using the SQL wildcard (%) and the Find option.


Enter hardrock%17 under the Find option in POS or Manager, check off Description, and the results will list any entries with hardrock followed by 17 in the description, such as:

Hardrock 17 Blue Specialized

hardrock%17 means look for hardrock -- some other text -- then 17

hard%17%blu would also work to locate only items with the 'hard' in the description, followed by '17', followed by 'blu'

IMPORTANT: 17%hardrock would not work, since hardrock appears in the model description before 17.

If you have SWAT Search (Bicycle Bundle, RMS Toolkit, Matrix Master, or standalone), enhanced search options include and/or logic, multiple string search, and filtered search options. Example, "17&hardrock" would locate all items where 17 and hardrock appear anywhere in the description or ext. description.
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