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Does Worksheet 401 automate any collection process for HQ, or do you need to schedule it to run each time.

Worksheet Style 401: "Request Data Upload" is a special worksheet that automates uploads of key inventory and sales information from store locations.

This includes daily sales, sales taxes, cashier/sales rep data, purchase orders, inventory transfers, etc. from each of the stores you specify to HQ.

HQ Client will upload only those transactions that have been updated (or occurred) on or after the specified date and time.

What makes this worksheet "special" is that HQ Client will automatically create and approve a NEW data upload Worksheet 401, so that any new transaction data will be uploaded at the next scheduled connection to HQ. This in turn triggers another upload session, providing multi-store installations with automated transaction collection for selected store locations. For this reason 401s run continuously without any need to schedule them.

Note: If there is a gap in 401 communications for any reason, you can backdate a 401 to a date/time prior to the missed period. This will "catch-up" any missed worksheets or upload any missing transaction data. Backdating a 401 does not adversely affect operations and can be performed at any time. 

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