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How can I activate the Global Customer feature for multi-store operation?

You must combine your customer databases at your main location BEFORE installing HQ and synchronizing your database with your branch store locations.

The correct procedure to set Global Customer for all locations is:

1. Import/combine all customers records at Store 1 running a dedupe if possible before importing the records, and cleaning up afterwards as necessary.
2. Whether you imported the customers or not, all customers should have the global flag set by running a SQL script in Administrator at Store 1:

update Customer set globalcustomer = 1

Note: There may be issues where not all flags are set correctly after importing. This will depend on what tools were used to import or combine the customer databases to begin with.
Please contact Support for detailed instructions and advice before tackling this job.
3. Make sure to check off BOTH options for Global Customers under File, Configuration, Options in Store 1's Manager program.
- Enable global customers for multi-store
- New customers default as global customers
4. Now sync the Store 1 database with HQ and probagate the databases to your other locations. Any Options settings from Store 1 will be carried over to each of the other locations.

If you are unfamiliar with running the correct worksheets in HQ Manager, please call Support for assistance.

Once these steps have been completed all customer records created at any location will be added as a global customer for all locations.
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