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How can I view all items with an Ext. Description?

This report is useful for item clean-up after a converting from another POS system.

Store Operations limits the receipt description to 30 characters. If your original data contained more than 30 characters, the overflow was imported into Ext. Description. If this data includes important information, such as size and color, you will want to edit the descriptions to fit.

To do so, create a Memorized report following the instructions below, or download the attached custom report in the Store Operations Report folder.

Use Manager | Reports | Items | Price List.

Before running the report add a filter for Ext. Description with the following settings.

Operator: Contains
Filter value: %?

% stands for the wildcard character. ? stands for anything. This filter will limit the report to items which contain Extended Descriptions.

TIP: You can use %? in other filters to limit the list to entries that contain something in that field. Or you can use Not Equal(
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