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RMS errors out upon startup and say and OCX control is not registered or missing.

Example: "component DWSHK36.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

dwshk36.ocx is a required OCX control for RMS. Your anti-virus or spyware program may incorrectly flagged this file and quarantined or removed it.

Your option to restore are:

1. Use your RMS CD and re-install, selecting the Repair option.
2. Contact your anti-virus/spyware vendor and search their knowledge base for dwshk36.ocx.
3. Locate this file on another PC or the RMS installation CD in the SO/Windows32 folder. Restore the file to the Windows/Windows32 folder on the affected workstation.

Afterwards you should configure your software to exclude this file during scans.


Run Norton Utiltiies and select Options, Anti Virus, Manual Scan, Exclusions, New, browse to locate C:\Windows\System32\dwshk36.ocx, and uncheck Include Subfolders. Click OK and exit.

Norton users:
Symantec has issued an update that will no longer block .ocx files. This is in response to the high volume of complaints they have received on this issue.

The steps provided by Symantec to install this new update are:

1. Customers should run Live Update.
2. Customers should run a full system scan.

FYI: We have had more complaints about Norton Utilities than all other similar software combined. If you are running XP Pro with the latest service packs and XP firewall enabled, you only need an anti-virus progam such as Microsoft Security Essentials (anti-virus) and Defender (anti-spyware). Both applications are free. Suite security programs like Norton Utilities are more trouble than they are worth.

Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 9.0 resolves most security issues (only anti-virus is required) and the rest is common sense (don't install attachments or link through on suspect emails).
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