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Error - 'Not Found Error 206: The register is not in the database.' occurs when opening POS or Manager.

Potential Causes

1. The register was deleted from the database.
2. The register number has changed in Administrator.


1. Open Administrator and go to File | Configuration
2. View the Register tab, and make note of the Register Number entered. This must be a unique number among all registers, and must exist in Manager under Database | Registers | Register List.
3. If another computer is able to access Manager, open up the program on this machine and add the register number found from step 2.
4. If no other machines can access Manager (or this is a Stand-Alone installation), go back to Administrator and connect to the database (File | Connect).
5. Open a new query (Query | New) and enter the following:


6. If one or more records are returned, locate the 'Number' column. Any machine with a Register Number that corresponds to a value in this field will be able to open POS or Manager. Set the machine's Register Number equal to an existing record in this table in order to open Manager. Once able to open Manager, setup any Registers necessary under Database | Registers | Register List.
7. If no records are returned by the query, all registers have been deleted from the database. Enter another query (Query | New) and type the following:

INSERT INTO REGISTER (Description, Number) VALUES ('Register 1', 1)

8. Assign this machine's Register Number 1 in Administrator (File | Configuration | Register Tab), close Administrator and attempt to log in to Manager or POS.
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