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POS does not start (no error); if this does not help see next article

Make sure all peripheral devices are operating properly (receipt printer, cash drawer, pole display, etc.).

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to view or start Task Manager.
  2. Under Applications, locate and highlight Store Operations POS, and End Task.
    If POS is not found in Applications, look under Processes, locate SOPOSuser, and End Process.
  3. Close Task Manager.
  4. Right-click on POS shortcut and select Open and wait for POS to start.

Note: This issue will arise anytime POS gets started twice in a row before SQL has time to connect to the database (which can take as long as 30 seconds the first connection of the day). You can avoid double-starts by dragging the POS shortcut to the Quick Launch bar of the Windows desktop. Or use the Start Menu to launch POS rather than double-clicking on the desktop shortcut.

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