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When I print a Receiving Report from a Purchase Order why are Received and Ext. Received columns blank?

The Received Inventory Report includes four columns:
(Received) To Date
Received (at this point in the receiving session)
Extended To Date
Extended Received

The only time the Received and Ext. Received columns will be populated is during a receiving session while you are entering quantities, but before you commit them. After you commit the To Date will be populated to reflect all quantities (Received) To Date.

If you print this report after committing, the Received and Extended Received columns will always be blank. To Date and Extended Received will reflect the total received by units and extended costs.

This is working by design as many large stores will have office personnel issue a receiving report which is then confirmed and signed off by a warehouse receiving clerk before the purchase order is committed. The workflow is this case is:

1) Invoice or packing list quantities are marked as received, but not committed.
2) A receiving report is issued for the warehouse receiving personnel.
3) The warehouse receiving clerk verifies each quantity and signs off on the receiving report.
4) The signed receiving report is compared to the PO "in progress" and if necessary the quantities are corrected.
5) Purchase Order is commited.

It is also a good idea to print the receiving report before committing whenever you are receiving partial purchase orders with backordered items. The report will then show data in both columns, reflecting the quantities previously received and the additional quantities being received.
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