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Runtime Error 3711 SQL memory settings

Assuming user has full version of SQL or SQL Management Studio with SQL 2008 R2 --

If not solved with hotfix update (.0162 or higher) and reindex/check, try this --

Follow these steps to set the Memory to a more appropriate value:

1. On the Start menu, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. Note the amount of memory that is installed on the computer.

2. Set the value for Maximum Server Memory to a value that is 25% of the total amount of memory that you identified in step 1. For example, if you have 2GBs (2,048MBs) of memory on your computer take 2GBs (2,048MBs) times 25% to equal 512MBs. (2048 * .25 = 512).

Note: Follow these steps to set the value for the Maximum Server Memory: a.Open SQL Server 2008 Management Studio (Start - All Programs - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - SQL Server Management Studio).

b. Connect to the instance running RMS.

c. In Object Explorer, right-click the SQL Server instance, and then click  Properties.

d. Click the Memory node.

e. In the Server Memory Options area, type the value that you want for Maximum server memory (in the example from step 2, you would enter 512).

f. Click OK.

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