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Recommended SQL Server memory settings

If you are running the full version of SQL Server 2000 or 2005, make sure the memory settings are not set too high.

If set too high, SQL will hog server memory and degrade network performance and database read/writes.

SQL Server 2000:

To view/change this setting open SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Right click on the server name under "SQL Server Group" and select "Properties"

Go to the Memory tab - Select "Dynamically configure SQL Server memory".

Set minimum to 64 MB.

Set Maximum based on total memory installed in the server. You may have to reduce the memory allocated to SQL Server further if the server is used for other applications (Exchange, Sharepoint, HQ Server etc.)

Total Memory Maximum (MB)

512 MB 256 MB

1 GB 512 MB

2 GB 1250 MB

3 GB 1750 MB

4 GB 2500 MB

If you make any changes you will have to stop and start SQL Server for the changes to take effect.

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