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Merge PO's to handle backordered items from multiple PO's

Pre-requisite: Must be running RMS 2.0.015x or higher, plus own DRS Power Ops.

  1. Locate items to be received on affected PO's and receive them as normal.
  2. For PO's that are partially received, select the option to create a new PO from the remaining items (second option during Commit process).
  3. Run Power Ops from desktop or Manager, select Purchase Order tab, highlight the PO's created in Step 2 and merge them to a selected target PO. This target PO then becomes your master PO for future backordered items.

At some point the master PO should contain most items on backorder. The steps to complete on subsequent receiving sessions are: 1) carry forward items on any PO being received to generate a new PO, then 2) merge those PO's to the master backorder PO using Power Ops.

Note: If you want to balance a supplier invoice against multiple PO's being received, edit the PO before you receive it and indicate the Invoice # on the PO somewhere (PO#, Title, or Rmarks). If multiple PO's are being processed for the associated invoice, enter a sequential reference such as <invoice#>-1, <invoice#>-2, etc. on each PO being received. As each PO is received, print the receiving report and attach it to the invoice. Pass the bundled receiving report with invoice on to your accounting dept. 


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