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'Ambiguous column name' error when running RMS 2.0 or Error 1802 running Power Ops

RMS v1.x users who upgrade to v2.0 need to update DRS AutoGen to a more recent version (such as in Bicycle Bundle 2009).

Once you install this update, run AutoGen on your RMS server and click Generate to update triggers for 2.0 compliance. Failure to do so will result in "Ambiguous column name" errors in RMS when printing labels that include subdescriptions or running other procedures in 2.0 related to editing or creating matrix items.

You will also receive this error running custom reports designed for RMS 1.x. You will need to update the report template to resolve this issue by running the latest installer over the top of your existing installation. This will replace old report templates with the latest versions.

Note: You must have an active Annual Maintenance Plan on file to download DRS updates. Contact for more information.

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