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Store Operations Manager v1.x closes saying the software has expired.

IMPORTANT: RMS 1.x series is no longer supported. Mainstream support for RMS 1.3 ended in April 2011.

Place the dongle on the PC that first runs POS each day. Start POS (not Manager) to authorize your database. If you have not done so within the last 48 hours and you start RMS on other workstations in the network, you will receive the expiration warning. To resolve, go to the station with the dongle installed and start POS.

If you are using a parallel port dongle, you may need to configure the port in the PC's BIOS before the dongle can be recognized by the software. To change the BIOS, remove the dongle first, go into the BIOS and select ECP, then reboot the PC without the dongle. Shut down the PC again, insert the dongle, and restart.

If changing the BIOS setting does not help, try this.

1. Go to - C:\\Program Files\\Rainbow Technologies\\Sentinel System Driver
2. Click on "SetupSysDriver".
3. Click on "Configure Driver".
4. Select the first port listed, usually the ISA bus type.
5. Select Edit.
6. Under "Port Ownership Method" the "Auto" box will probably be checked. Uncheck this box and also uncheck the "System" and "Raise Priority" box.
7. Close Rainbow Technologies and restart RMS.

If you are still having problems, try moving the dongle to another PC and testing from that PC. Make sure to exit RMS before removing the dongle. We also recommend turning the PC and printer off before removing a parallel port dongle.

WARNING: Dongle replacements are no longer available. If the dongle is damaged or lost, you only option is to upgrade to the current release of Microsoft RMS which does not use a dongle.

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