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When I sell certain items in POS, a run-time error pops up followed by the message "A script on this page is causing Internet Explore to run slowly". When I click Yes to abort the script and OK to close the error box, the POS program shuts down.

This is a known problem in RMS if single quotes are entered in the sub-description fields or during matrix creation. Example: O'Neal

This can also occur if you import data into RMS that contains single quotes.


Remove the offending entries by using Find and searching only the sub-description fields for: '

Remove the offending entries by running the utility attached below.

You can file a support incident with Microsoft to request a hot fix to address this problem (1.3.0206). If you are not on a maintenance plan and have not upgraded to version 1.3, you will need to use our utility to clear your single quote entries.
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