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How can I minimize the POS screen to run other applications?

The POS screen is designed to take over the register station's screen. You can always press Windows Key-D key to return to the Desktop. You can also use Alt-Tab to cycle through active applications.

If you prefer to display the POS screen in a Windows sizeable border, follow these instructions. However, this setting is not recommended.

1. Launch POS.
2. Press Ctrl + <f6> to access the Display Properties window.
3. On the Transaction Screen tab, press the Window button.
4. Mark the box to Show resizeable border. (NOT RECOMMENDED*)
5. Press OK to exit the Windows Properties.
6. Press OK to exit the Display Properties window & return to the POS screen. You should now have the ability to minimize, maximize and close the POS screen with the buttons in the upper, right-hand corner of the Windows screen.

Note - This process will need to be done at each POS workstation.

*This setting is not recommended as sooner or later someone will minimize the POS screen and reboot the PC. POS will be minimized upon startup and most users will think POS has stopped working. If this occurs you must right-click on the POS icon in the taskbar and select Maximize.

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