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What are the differences between QuickSell 2000 and Microsoft Dynamics RMS?

QuickSell 2000 from SMS Corp was discontinued in 1999 and replaced with QuickSell Commmerce v1.0 in 2000. This updated a number of functions in QS2000 and added additional features. QuickSell Commerce evolved to version 1.1 by 2002 at which time the SMS Corp was purchased by Microsoft. Version 1.2 of Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) was released in 2003. Next came version 1.3 in 2004, followed by 2.0 in 2007.

While the general module approach remains the same -- POS for cash register functions and Manager for back office -- there are MANY differences between QS2000 and Microsoft RMS.
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F1 Help in POS and Manager is the first place to find out what's new. It is especially advantageous to click the Help button within a form for context-sensitive instructions. F1 Help in RMS is considerably more extensive than QS2000's help file. We also suggest you peruse the Tips & Tricks section of our help desk knowledgebase (KB). A training workbook for RMS is located in the RMS Docs folder placed on your desktop when DRS personnel install your trial. This training workbook contains lessons and sections you can print for use in an employee manual. You can also print sections from F1 Help by selecting a topic on the left then click the Print icon at top.

Important: QS2000 users SHOULD NOT expect Microsoft RMS to completely replicate a program discontinued 15+ years ago. RMS is four generations removed from QS2000. It will take time to adapt to some new procedures and take advantage of many new features. However, the core functions remain the same between the two platforms and the learning curve is minimal. When you purchase the upgrade, you'll need to accept the differences and make any hardware and OS changes required to run RMS.  


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