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How can I remove old worksheets from my HQ database?

We suggest you purge old worksheets at the end of every month.

1. Run HQ Administrator, File, Connect, and enter your database connection settings, then click OK.

2. Next create a backup by selecting Database, Backup. Do NOT skip this step! If the following procedure fails for any reason you will need to restore the backup.

We suggest you create a historical backup with the appropriate name (ex. EOMSept_06). This allows you to restore the backup and view purged worksheets for audit control or to run other historical reports such as Items Value List.

3. Next select Database, Delete Completed Worksheets. The default settings are recommended for most users. If this option is not listed, you are running a discontinued version of RMS (v1.2 or earlier). Contact our sales office for upgrade information.

Repeat this step once a month to ensure your system runs smoothly. Storing old worksheets will cause your database to expand unnecessarily and affect performance.
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