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PCs on our network intermittently lose the connection to the SQL Server database or the database connection times out. What should we do?

We suggest the following network settings to improve network connectivity on most systems.

a. Go to Start | Programs | Microsoft Retail Management System | Client Network Utilities.
b. Enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP. If necessary, move Named Pipes to the top.
c. On the Alias tab you can create an alias for your SQL server. select ADD, Name Pipes network libraries should already preselected. In the Server Alias: box on the top, type in the computer/server name where the main database resides. This will fill in server name and pipename automatically. Don't change anything in these entries. Click OK.
d. On the DB-Library Options tab check for version info for the NTWDBLIB.dll file. If not installed (indicated by N/A), you download the attached (XP Pro only).
e. Click OK.

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