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How to Reset SQL Password

The default SQL password for RMS installations is:  Password1
If a different password was entered during installation and you have forgotten that password the following article explains how to reset the SQL password for user sa from the Command Prompt in Windows.

IMPORTANT: SQLCMD replaces OSQL in 2005 and up. Edit following accordingly.

Syntax including commas and spaces has to match exactly.

How can I change the SA password?
1. Go to Start | Run | type in Command.
2. Type the following command in the DOS prompt.
OSQL –S <servername> -E =
Note Be sure to replace SERVERNAME with the name of your SQL server. Typically this is the name of your computer.
Note: If this statement does not run successfully try entering it again excluding the '=' sign.
3. Press Enter.
4. Type the line exactly as it is written below where ok is your new password:
1> EXEC sp_password NULL, 'ok', 'sa'
5. Press Enter.
6. Type the line below:
2> Go
7. Press Enter. This will change the ‘sa’ password from a value unknown to ‘ok’ (this can be changed in step 4).
8. Launch Store Operations Administrator and go to File | Connect.
9. Enter ok (or the new password that you assigned in step 4) in the password field.
10. Click on the 'Test Database Connection' button to verify that you can successfully connect to database.
Note: To change the password to something else Launch Store Operations Administrator and go to File | Connect and then Database | Change Password.

This article was TechKnowledge Document ID: 32130 from Microsoft.

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