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How can I set items to be commissionable by sales rep if they are currently set to non-commissionable?

IMPORTANT: Backup your database before proceeding. Results are irreverisble without restoring a backup.

Run Store Operations Administrator.
Select File, Connect and enter your database name and password.
Click OK.
Select Query, New and cut and paste this text:

UPDATE item SET CommissionMode = 1 WHERE CommissionMode = 0

Press F5 to run it.

Exit Administrator.
Say Yes to Save. Name the file something such as SetSalesRepComm so you can recall it easily.

If the future when you need to run this script, select File, Open after connecting to your database. Locate the file you saved and run it (F5).

Warning: This script applies to all items on file. If you need to set commission by selected depts you will need to know the internal dept ID associated with the dept and run a conditional script instead.

Example: UPDATE item SET CommissionMode = 1 WHERE DepartmentID = X

Where X is theID value for a designated department. To locate the ID value fordepts, run this script first:

SELECT ID, Name, Code from Department

Enter the ID value in the UPDATEscript above where X appears.

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